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realIntroduction offers real estate agents many different ways of communicating, presenting, and displaying your services. Our customers have used this software to distribute their completely interactive presentation in many different formats, and across many different advertising mediums. Clients and prospects are instantly impressed that you have "your own personalized software".

You’ll find just a few of these exciting ideas below, please refer to the realIntroduction documentation that came with your software for other detailed examples, tips, and ideas...

On-The-Go Presentations
As we’ve already mentioned many times in this documentation, your realIntroduction presentation is perfect for displaying information to your clients, used as a kiosk all by itself (A standalone presentation such as at an open house), a direct-presentation such as an initial meeting with a client, listing presentations, and much more. Your realIntroduction presentation can quickly and easily be copied onto your laptop computer and taken on the go, or shown on a desktop computer that’s already setup at the location. Versatility is key in this business, take your realIntroduction presentation with you everywhere.

Give Away On CD-ROMs
With a few simple clicks, you can easily copy your realIntroduction presentation onto CD-ROMs using your own computer. These CDs can then be given to clients, and even personalized for an individual client to maximize your personal service. Since recordable CD-ROMs (Also called CD-R discs) are so cheap - there’s no reason to hold back. You can purchase CD-R discs in bulk packages of 100 or more for under $15! Put them in brochure boxes, leave them in retail stores, give them to local agents to distribute (and vice versa), distribute at open houses and seminars, refer to your software in advertisements, tell clients to make a copy and pass it on - CD-R discs are actually cheaper than a color laser copy. To find out how, please view our support topic "How Do You Create An Interactive CD-ROM Presentation"

For an added sense of value and "wow factor", you can also copy them onto smaller sized CD-R discs (Also called "Business Card CDs"), which are about the size and shape of a standard business card. These discs can be purchased at any major electronic store, and don’t cost much more than a standard-size CD-R disc. These smaller CD-R discs offer a lasting impression, while their small size makes them ideal for carrying in your pocket. With CD-R discs costing just pennies, there’s no excuse for not mass distributing your software presentation.

CD-ROM presentations offer your clients and prospects an easy way to view your services, information, and properties. They do not need an Internet connection, or a fast "top-of-the-line" computer. Since your presentation is compatible with both Windows and Macintosh computers, they’ll be viewing it easily, and without difficult installations. Impress your users with a completely personalized CD - just for them.

Use The Internet
If you have a website, it’s easy to add your realIntroduction presentation on the Internet for your clients to download. If you have a website designer, they should be able to easily do it for you; or if you do your own website design, put your presentation online and link to it. It really is that easy. There’s nothing a potential client would be more impressed with than your own software to download onto their computer.

Tip: For the easiest (And fastest) possible way to provide your presentation on your website, you should first ZIP it (Compress your presentation into a smaller, easily downloadable file). If you are unfamiliar with this simple process, ask your website designer for details. You can also find many utilities that do this compression for free, please contact us if you need help.

Send Via E-Mail
E-Mail provides a very powerful, easy way to distribute your presentation to clients. You can easily attach your presentation in an e-mail message, and instantly send it to a specific client. But, be careful to obtain direct permission from your client or prospect before sending them your presentation via e-mail attachment. In recent years, the rise of SPAM e-mail (Unsolicited e-mail messages) has made it necessary to ask first, then send. Otherwise, your e-mail message may get automatically filtered by the recipients Internet Service Provider (Also called ISP), and never arrive at all. Many ISPs also limit the file size of e-mails, which is another reason to ask first; not to mention good marketing practice.

An even better approach to sending your presentation to users via e-mail is to provide your presentation on your website, and only send them a link to it in your e-mail message. This method works much better, and is the preferred way of having your realIntroduction presentation e-mailed to anyone.

Example: "Check out my latest listing presentation" (Just link that text to your actual presentation on your website for them to download).
E-Mail Realtor Presentation Sample

Postal Mail Isn’t Dead Yet
For many clients, postal mail is the preferred way of distributing their presentation. You can easily copy your realIntroduction presentation onto a CD-ROM, and mail it to your client or prospect for under $2.00. You can even purchase specially-sized cardboard mailing envelopes that perfectly fit your CD-ROM at any post office or mailing supply store. Just toss in a business card with your CD-ROM, and mail it away.

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