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How Do You...Create An Interactive CD-ROM Presentation

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Interactive CD-ROM PresentationsCD-ROM Presentations are by far one of the most popular uses of our realIntroduction presentations. If you’ve never seen one before, a CD-ROM presentation is basically a presentation that is distributed to clients on a CD-ROM. This can be a standard size CD-ROM, or a mini-size (Sometimes called “Business Card CD-ROM”). You can make as many CDs as you need, and also personalize them for a specific client for an added special touch (Please refer to the documentation included with realIntroduction for more information).

Whenever your listing inventory changes, you can quickly (And affordably) make new CD-ROMs to distribute, without investing hundreds of dollars on CDs that contain outdated listings like you would from a normal CD-ROM design company. Using realIntroduction, you are free to update your information at anytime, and create as many (Or as few) CD-ROMs as needed.

To create an interactive CD-ROM presentation, your computer will need to have a CD Recorder (Also called a CD-R drive) installed. Most computers that were purchased in the past few years already have a CD Recorder built-in. However, if your computer does not have one, you can buy one for less than $150. You can even just copy your presentation onto a friend’s computer, and use it to make a few CDs.

To create your realIntroduction presentation on CD-ROM, just copy the contents of your Presentation Folder onto a blank CD-R disc (Also called a Recordable CD). realIntroduction automatically places a special file into your presentation that enables it to startup automatically when the client puts your CD-ROM into their computer.

There are many different software programs that are available to help you record files onto CD-ROM, you probably received one with your computer or CD Recorder. Since there are so many programs available to accomplish this task, it would be impossible for us to discuss the exact process of copying your Presentation Folder onto CD-ROM using your specific computer. Please refer to the documentation you should have received with your CD Recorder drive - it is usually very easy. If you’re using Windows XP, please refer to the next section for simple instructions that will work with most computers.

If you wish to create a CD-ROM that is compatible with both Windows and Macintosh computers, please also view the support topic, "How Do You Create A Macintosh Compatible Presentation".

For Windows users, you can find out how to easily create your own CD-ROMs at the Microsoft® support website:

For Macintosh users, visit the Apple
® support website:

Business Card Sized Interactive CD-ROMs Smaller "Business Card" sized CD-ROMs are very affordable, and add a nice touch to your presentation’s physical appearance.

How To Create A CD-ROM Using Windows XP (Extra Helpful Tips)
If you’re using Windows XP, you can easily create a CD-ROM with no additional software. Just follow the simple steps below to create your very own realIntroduction Presentation Interactive CD-ROM...

Step 1) Open your Presentation Folder (The folder that you saved with your presentation in).

Step 2) Go to the "Tools" menu, and select "Folder Options..."
Make Your CD-ROMs

Step 3) Click on the "View" tab, and click the circle next to "Show hidden files and folders". Then click the "Apply" button.
Realtor CD-ROMs Made Easy

Step 4) On your Windows XP desktop, open the "My Computer" icon, then open your CD-R drive. At this point, you should insert a blank CD-R disc into your computer’s CD-R drive.
Easily Create Realtor CDs

Step 5) Now, select all of the files/folders in your Presentation Folder, and drag them into your CD-R drive folder (This is the drive that you just opened in Step 4, usually your "D:" drive).
Real Estate CD-ROMs

Step 6) On the left-side of the window (In your CD-R drive folder), click on the text that says "Write these files to CD". You can now easily make as many CDs as you need, that’s it!
Make Interactive CDs (As Many As You Want)

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