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How Do You...Create A Macintosh-Compatible Presentation

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The majority of your clients and prospects that will be using your presentation will likely be running a Windows-based computer, which is why realIntroduction creates a Windows-compatible version of your presentation by default. This does not mean however, that our software is incompatible with the Macintosh platform - realIntroduction is completely compatible with Macintosh computers, and is just as feature-complete as the Windows version. We value our Macintosh customers very much, and would highly recommend that you do this extra simple step to add Macintosh compatibility into your realIntroduction presentation, it only takes a few seconds...

Step 1) On your computer, go to the location where you installed realIntroduction. Inside that folder, open the folder called "Library", you’ll then see a folder called ?

Step 2) Just copy that folder (named "") into your Presentation Folder. That’s it - you’re presentation will now be compatible with both Windows and Macintosh computers.

Note: If you are creating your presentation using Macintosh OS X, you will see an icon titled "Presentation" instead of a folder - just copy that file to your project folder instead.

Windows Presentation Folder If you include the Macintosh version of your presentation, you’ll need to move it into your Presentation Folder manually. It should look similar to this if you’re using Windows.
Macintosh Presentation Folder Your Presentation Folder should look similar to this on the Macintosh.

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