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Kidwidget - Handwriting Recognition

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If you're using a Macintosh, your child can practice their handwriting skills while using Kidwidget!

How It Works
Kids Pen Using a special computer accessory called a "pen tablet", your child can write words on virtual paper - using a special pen - and have it automatically translated into computer-text. A pen tablet looks very similar to a normal pen and paper. If you don't have a pen tablet already, there are many manufacturers - with products starting under $100. We can't express how cool this feature really is, you just have to try it for yourself!

What Do You Need?
Kids Pen Tablet To use this cool feature, you need to have a "pen tablet" for your computer. Here's where you can get a cheap (But very good) tablet for your computer...

Manufacturer: Wacom Technology
Product: Graphire3
Price: $99.95
Website: Information or Where To Buy

* Handwriting recognition is only available in the Macintosh version of Kidwidget.

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