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Kidwidget - Interactive Learning Environment

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Children will quickly learn how to use Kidwidget. We've made everything - from drawing to saving - very easy. Since this software provides your family with a kid-safe environment, your children are free to explore every aspect of the program. Kidwidget makes an excellent choice for your children's first software program.

It's The Small Things That Count
Kids Magnifying GlassWhile the main features of Kidwidget are the tools your child will use most (Writing, Drawing, Painting, Flashcards), there are tons of other neat things too. This includes a clock, calendar, and visually stimulating "Magna-Glass" to magnify any part of the screen.

Handy Handwriting
Learning to write is one of the most-essential skills your child will ever learn. While typing on the keyboard is obviously a very useful skill too, nothing compares to writing by hand. So, we made sure to include support for the Macintosh's built-in handwriting recognition. This exciting technology will automatically recognize the text you write, and convert it into typed text! The only thing you need to take advantage of this is a small computer accessory called a "Pen Tablet", which is like a virtual pen and paper. Together, the Macintosh and Kidwidget are a match made in heaven.

This feature is not a requirement, but it is available to any user that does have a "Pen Tablet". If you don't yet have one, you can purchase a tablet separately for under $100.
Find Our More About Handwriting Recognition

Handwriting Recognition

YOUR Data Is Safe!
Kidwidget not only keeps your children safe, it also keeps YOUR data safe. When saving and opening projects, Kidwidget uses it's own special section of your computer. By keeping your data, and your children's data separate, Kidwidget ensures that your data stays safe and away from your child's access. You no longer have to worry about your children accidentally deleting your files, Kidwidget keeps them all safe - and completely separate.

Kids Safe Save

Multiple Children Is Easy
Kidwidget is fully aware that if you have more than one child, you may want to keep each of their projects separate. It's easy to install Kidwidget on a multi-user system (Especially useful in schools). This software will recognize each of your computer user's accounts, and treat them as separate kids.

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